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Convening decision makers, energy ministers, and CEOs from over 30 countries, IEW 2023 was truly a global gathering of minds where key priorities were set, bold announcements were made, and new partnerships were forged.

Asia has become the world's largest and fastest growing energy demand centre. Propelled by rapid economic progress, Asian countries are shaping new supply chains, corridors, and pathways for secure and sustainable energy future.

Current trends are prompting governments to pay closer attention to the resilience and diversity of clean energy supply chains. Tight energy markets have triggered a reassessment of energy policies and priorities, resulting in profoundly recalibrated global energy trade. Sustainability of previously well-established flows of oil and gas is being increasingly questioned.

In this scenario, India remains a bright spot on the global economic horizon. With strong economic foundations, a young aspirational population, and an investment friendly environment, India has emerged as the demand and investment friendly destination of the world. India is the third largest energy consumer globally, consuming 5mb/d of oil which is expected to further increase by around 6.3 mb/d by 2045.

While oil will remain the baseload of the energy demand in India, the government is adopting multiple pathways to achieve its bold commitment to become net-zero by 2070. Each of these pathways is equally significant and is a success story worth replicating. India’s growth has the potential to catalyse global economic resurgence. India’s G20 Presidency is an opportune moment to act as a bridge between the developed and emerging economies, particularly in the energy sector.

It is against this backdrop that the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is hosted India's flagship energy event, India Energy Week 2023 proved an unrivalled platform to strengthen dialogue and foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing on the future energy landscape.

Global energy leaders that were a part of the India Energy Week Strategic Conference

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India Energy Week 2023 conference themes:

  • Strategies to deliver a multifaceted energy system

    Recent policy reforms have aided in amplifying exploration and production of hydrocarbons in India to reduce reliance on imports and meet growing demand. Substantial investments are also being made to diversify the energy mix for the country to meet its COP26 & 27 commitments. India’s biofuels adoption is a success story; as are strides towards renewable energy including hydrogen.

  • Making energy accessible, secure, and affordable for all

    As a major global energy consumer, secure and affordable access to energy is imperative for India. India's energy security policy has evolved to become more inclusive, taking into account political, economic, social, and environmental issues and concerns, driving solutions that will power the remotest corners of the country’s geography.

  • Fast tracking the path to net-zero

    The adoption of renewable energy, hydrogen and biofuels are fast tracking India’s net-zero objectives, with some regions already reaching zero carbon emissions. India’s distinct energy model presents a potentially trailblazing path for developing economies around the world.

  • Accelerating technology innovation and knowledge transfer

    Energy transition requires a sustained level of accelerated innovation across all elements of the energy value chain. The global nature of challenges facing the industry means global solutions are required, highlighting the need for greater collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Enabling partnerships to deliver growth

    Partnerships are critical for the industry in meeting its net-zero pledges and fostering innovation and growth. As new policies and regulations accelerate the ease of doing business in the country, unparalleled opportunities arise for international players along with the potential for tremendous growth.

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